How We Can Help

Permanent Recruitment

In times of growth or if a staff member leaves it can be difficult to balance your everyday job and recruit at the same time.

This is why at RMG Digital we can look to take much of this pain away by offering the service of Permanent Recruitment. We will look to take a job brief from you to first of all understand the business and if your diary allows look to meet with you to understand your business further. We will then look to our vast network of both active and passive candidates to help you find the best possible hire for your business in a short a timescale as possible.

Contract Recruitment

Often when you have a skills shortage or a project lands you need in interim solution and fast. At RMG we understand that as everyday goes by it can cost you and your business money if the right person isn’t there to help.

We have built up an extensive and ever-growing network of some of the Europe’s finest contractors that you won’t find elsewhere. Whether you need someone on site tomorrow or you are looking to plan ahead, RMG are perfectly positioned to help you with all of your contractor needs.

Client's We've Worked With


It is refreshing to work with an honest agency who focus on what’s right for you and your client.

I was very pleased with the quality of the contractors that he provided and made multiple offers to the candidates provided.

They are knowledgeable about the marketplace, the opportunities and realistic about it all. They have always represented my interests professionally and successfully.