About Space

When you’re looking to make key hires our Space product is the one that will help launch your search into action.

The cost of a bad hire into your business can not only cost you a significant amount of money but it can set you back months and even years.

With Space you can rely on rmg digital to take the time to cherry pick the best hires for your business..


What do you get?

  • Clear SLA’s in place to ensure the placement is made in a timely manner
  • Dedicated headhunt team
  • Full Process management
  • All profiles sent met in person to ensure suitability fit
  • 12 month free replacement
  • Dedicated microsite created to help engagement for hires
  • Full tracking and reporting stats to hire
  • Cash back on any placements made by rmg digital on any candidates found via the campaign and placed with other clients.

Who is Space for?

Space is for any senior level hires including but not limited to VP, Director, CTO, CEO, COO.

Got a Question

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